Before you quickly dismiss the article because of the title, think of a soccer player named Fred at Manchester United. He plays his lungs out in the middle of the pitch, but a section of the Manchester United fans think that his best is not good enough. They think he is not the type of a midfield player that can drive Manchester United to win trophies.

How does he feel when he reads the unappreciative social media comments? Think of the supporters who truly love Manchester United and wish they could have the best midfielder. The supporters want someone who…

The narrative is that we all need to register to vote in the 2023 elections. On election day, we all need to go out and vote. After that, we all need to defend the vote, Zambian style. This is not any further from the truth. However, to end there, without any further deliberations is being naive. It is more than being naive, it is refusing to see that which is evident. It is denial. It is tantamount to lying by withholding the truth. The conditions in Zimbabwe are not capable of producing a free and fair electoral result that reflects…

This is a general guide to post-pandemic business management.

The post-pandemic higher-level business manager must accept the demise of middle management as a given in the post-pandemic world of business. Middle management has been under attack for three decades leading to the pandemic. It was beaten, bruised, butchered, and battered but is not yet dead. Someone has to pull the trigger.

Pulling the trigger is the work of the post-pandemic business manager. Somebody has to do it. Be the executor.

What is middle management? Who is the middle manager? As the name implies, this is a managerial layer that exists…

This is a general guide to post-pandemic business management.

If you view your business as a Complex Adaptive System, you learn to appreciate the importance of feedback loops. Feedback loops are an integral part of complex adaptive systems. Oftentimes, business managers cut feedback loops that are inherent in a system.

The patterns viewed at the global system level are influenced by feedback loops that exist at the agent level. Feedback loops thus drive the behavior of the system as a whole. Business managers often cut out feedback loops because they view them as problematic. They do so because of the…

This is a general guide to post-pandemic business management.

A complex adaptive system, as the name implies, is firstly a system that is so complex in terms of interactions and relationships. The system itself is capable of adapting. Adaptiveness refers to the ability of the system to evolve in response to changes in its environment.

There are plenty of examples of Complex Adaptive Systems. The human body, a flock of birds, an ant colony, and financial markets are common examples. A business can be viewed with the same lens. The post-pandemic business manager should be aware that any business is…

Don’t hold a meeting unless the issue is very important and there is no other way to put the message across.

This is a general guide to post-pandemic business management.

Zoom and online meetings are here now. Meetings used to be a lot in the office. Now, with the office limitation removed, meetings are going to be way more than what you previously thought was a lot.

The number one complaint in many organizations is that the company has too many meetings. The allegation is obviously true.

Meetings are for meeting people. Reserve them for meeting someone for the first…

This is a general guide to post-pandemic business management.

Okay. We get it. As a business manager in the post-pandemic world, you want to collect as much data as possible for your data-driven entity. Most of this data comes from clients, so you want to collect as much data from your clients as possible. The easiest way to obtain data from anyone is to simply ask, right. So, you ask as many questions as possible from your clients.

That is actually disastrous. Clients, in general, do not want to be asked too many questions. A few questions can be tolerated, but too many questions can be very annoying. People…

This is a general guide to post-pandemic business management.

  • You don’t start with what you don’t have
  • You start with what you have
  • Use the data you already have to drive the decision-making process
  • Some decisions will require more data
  • Which will lead you to explore what you don't have

Becoming a data-driven entity is easy but oftentimes organizations take the wrong approach, which makes the journey unbearably difficult. When a business manager reads the term “data-driven”, data analytics is the first thing that comes to mind, which suggests he has to hire a data analyst. …

This is a general guide to post-pandemic business management.

Becoming a data-driven entity was an option in the pre-pandemic world. In the post-pandemic world, it is not an option. It is a must. If you don't do it, your business dies. It doesn't die a natural death; it is murdered by competition. Life evolves. It is one-directional. It only goes forward. The time that we have entered is a time where data drives everything. There is no going back.

If your business or your industry is not data-driven, it becomes automatic that somewhere a data-driven business is being born to…

This is a general guide to post-pandemic business management.

The post-pandemic era is highly likely going to be characterized by upheavals. Several assets are destined to be stranded, made obsolete by societal and technological changes. The business manager, knowing fully well that some assets are going to be stranded, has to find ways of managing these assets.

Most stranded asset conversations revolve around the replacement of carbon-based energy sources with renewable energy sources. The sheer size of assets destined to be stranded at some point in the future in the energy sector commands that attention.

However, the societal changes induced…

Ryan Gosha

Financial Analyst, Cloud Accountant, Citizen Data Scientist, FPL Boss

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