Zim Ghetto Youths: Broke, Oppressed and Depressed, Give them Drugs

Life is the greatest thing. But when you are dead broke and depressed life is the worst thing. You wish all the sadness could just go away, but it doesn't. It sticks on you like glue. The anger, the pain, the stress, the struggle, the frustrations, and the agony don't go away.

All you want is for your mind to be free. To live free. Depression doesn't want to let you go. “But Johny, there are a lot of anti-depressants and psychologists available to help”. Where are they? They are not in the ghetto.

Even if there were, the help wouldn't be welcome. The mass prevalence of depression is not recognized as a problem that needs to be addressed in the first place. An entire generation is suffering from acute mental health problems and no one wants to acknowledge it. No one wants to talk about it, and this includes the ghetto youths themselves.

When you are in abject poverty, dying is easy and living is hard. This is something that our Harvard-trained psychologists will never understand. It cannot be studied. It can only be felt. Who feels it knows it. In order to know it, you have to experience it first-hand or second-hand in your life. It needs to happen to yourself or people who are close to you.

The feeling cannot be unearthed by desktop research or the field research that academicians conduct, writing notes on a pad. Hunger cannot be understood by studying it. It can only be felt. You understand it by feeling it. It cannot be understood by simulations. Being hungry the whole day whilst knowing you are going to eat later at night is different from being hungry and not knowing where the next meal is going to come from. This is the life of a ghetto youth.

Every day it's a struggle to find the money for food, data bundles, and bus fare. No money to print a CV. Cutting the toothpaste tube to make use of the last droppings of toothpaste stuck on the tube’s inner walls. Hustling hard for three straight weeks to see all the earnings go towards rent. One week to hustle for food, and the cycle starts again.

It's not some of them who are struggling with extreme poverty. It's most of them, if not all of them. The poverty bedeviling ghetto youths is not an accident. It is man-made. It is a product of the political and economic systems that they (the powers that be) created.

When you are in abject poverty, choosing to die is taking the easy way out. The difficult way is to continue living. When the situation is hopeless there is no reason to continue living. The absence of a better tomorrow inside the mind is the death of hope. When hope dies, there is no reason to wake up and face the same trials and tribulations again.

Work hard, study hard, hustle hard, do this and do that, is the advice we give to the ghetto youths. We don't really understand how the situation has changed and almost all opportunities that we were exposed to have been squeezed out, leaving nothing for them.

What advice can a hungry person take from a person who has never ever spent an entire day or two hungry because there is no food to eat. Opportunities have been hollowed out, and we just cannot understand that. Only the ghetto youths understand.

The life of a ghetto youth is hard. It's not easy. No hope and no dreams. The only goal is to find food to eat. The rural youths are better off. They have land to farm. They can till the soil and grow food. They can drink water from the river for free. They don't pay rent.

The ghetto youth is politically and economically suppressed. He or she is oppressed. Some turn to religion for comfort. Some indulge deeper into religion as a form of escapism. Huge swathes of ghetto youths praying obsessively, endlessly, without ceasing, for showers of blessing to rain and change their lives. Some turn to “stealing” and prostitution just to survive. Some turn to perpetual begging, leeching off one relative to another. Life is hard. everyone is looking for a way out, but there is no way out. Everyone is looking for the ladder, but there is no ladder.

You would not want to live a life like that. Many will say we have been there before, and we worked our way out. That statement ignores the evaporation of the “ways-out”, and the hollowing-out of opportunities. There is no more ladder to climb out. education ceased to be the ladder a long time ago. Only a rich uncle can rescue you. The “we have been there before” line ignores the absence of hope. When you were there, you had hope because there was still hope. There was a reason to believe. Now there is no reason to believe. There is no hope.

The disappearance of hope is real. The percentage of ghetto youths who have the hope of ever purchasing a property with title deeds is very small. Even that small percentage cannot be realistically categorized as hope, because it is essentially delusion, not hope.

The ghetto youths are church-mouse-broke, oppressed, and depressed. If you cannot liberate them and give them a reason to believe again then give them drugs. Relieve them of their misery. Make them forget, even if it's for a very short period of time. Actually, make them forget all the time, every time, keep them on drugs all the time.

Make them feel high. Make them happy. Even if the happiness is temporary and drug-induced, just put a smile on their faces. They deserve it. Let them keep depression at bay for a while. Just a little while.

Depression and sufferation make you feel like you are better off dead. You just want that feeling to go away. You want the “better-off-dead” feeling to leave you alone. You yearn to be normal again.

Drugs kill. They take away the lives of many youths.

Isn't it the end-goal after all? Isn't this what you want for the youths? Don't you want them dead?

Drugs are a problem, but they are a problem that is a reaction to another problem; the economic ostracization of ghetto youths which is evident in high youth unemployment and poverty rates.

When the youths try to rise politically, you murder them. You don't want them to rise. You want to keep them downtrodden and poor. You are wasting away their productive years and you have no shame. You are making their lives miserable and unlivable.

You keep squeezing the space. You keep extending laws that deny the youths freedom. You keep taking all for yourselves and leaving none for the youths. the average ghetto young man cannot even afford to take his girlfriend out on a date because you have strangulated their earnings potential. You have de-emasculated the ghetto young man. You have left the ghetto young woman with no options to progress in life.

You sow divisions amongst the youths. You take some of the desperate ones and recruit them into your para-military police and the army, paying them peanuts so that they protect you from the other youths. You use them for your political agendas every election time. You feed them lies and propaganda and activate them to perform actions that are against their own best interests. You use them as pawns for politicking and power-grabbing.

Do you understand the type of society you are creating? Something has to give. Things cannot go on the way they are for so long without further degradation of society. If ghetto youths are not employed, empowered, enabled, and economically de-ostracized, what do you think is going to happen next? Where are we headed? Where do we go from here? What's the next point down the road of societal degradation?

It's a ticking time bomb. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. It's brewing. A storm is gathering.

Virtue-signalers won't understand this. They will say drugs are never an option, but they won't say extreme poverty is never an option. They won't understand the dynamics at play because they refuse to see the bigger picture. They reduce everything to the individual level and choose not to see the mass psychosis, mass bipolar, mass anxiety, mass paranoia, and all sorts of mass mental health problems caused by extreme poverty and hopelessness.

Broke, oppressed, and depressed. Give these youths some drugs. If you cannot give them drugs, sooner or later someone else will.

Drugs will bring guns.


Financial Analyst, Cloud Accountant, Citizen Data Scientist, FPL Boss

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