Wars of Unification: One Federal Bantu Republic

Why should the Bantu nations be unified into One Nation-State?

Unification sets us on the right path for the remainder of this century and the coming centuries. Of course, there are benefits to reap now, in terms of economic development but the major benefits are to prepare for the coming centuries. We ought to move forward into the future as one united nation in Southern Africa. That’s our best foot forward. One Entity. One Colony.

  1. Political Integration — talk shops and coffee meetings such as the SADC are useless. They do not integrate us politically. What is needed is a larger entity that spans beyond Bantustans and tribes. The region needs to be one country. The politics of tribal identity will be diluted if we have one Bantu republic. New political formations will crop up to replace the old ones, or old ones will have to morph their identity to appeal to a broader audience thus economic policy starts to matter more than identity politics. One President, One Parliament, one electoral system. These disparate country elections have to cease. The unification of Bantustans of Southern Africa into one republic will de-emphasize tribal differences on the political front. No single tribe will be too big to be way too significant at the national scale. National political programs to deliberately dissolve tribes and their sub-cultures can be carried out as part of the long-term unification process.
  2. One Foreign Policy — foreign policy discord among the Bantu countries of Southern Africa poses an existential threat to the entire region. The talk shops cannot craft one foreign policy for the region. We need one government, with one president to preside over the foreign policy. Bigger countries, in the global scheme of things such as China, the USA, and Russia take advantage of us because they are big enough to matter on the global stage. We are too fragmented like Europe, which is now struggling to keep up with China, the USA, or Russia. At least the European nations have a union that is somewhat functional in terms of adopting a single common foreign policy. No one knows how the future will shape out. But what is almost definite is that the global giants, that are large enough to matter will eventually dominate foreign policy and craft their aspirations on the global landscape. The future of humanity will either be that of a one-world government or that of one super-power dominating global affairs. To usher ourselves into the Age of Technology beyond 2050, and beyond 2100, we have to speak with one voice. We have to be one. A SADC type of cooperation and coordination is useless. The EU type won’t cut it. Only a proper unitary foreign policy will be significant at the global level.
  3. One Industrialization and 4IR Policy — we cannot industrialize sufficiently to match the unit costs in Europe, China, and the USA without scale. Unification will firstly create one large unitary market that justifies the necessary scale. Even with a large population, we can still be a shithole. But it’s better to be one united shithole that to have many smaller shitholes. Let us rise and fall together as one because we are one. If we industrialize, we do it for the whole region. If we fail to industrialize, we fail as an entire region. It is necessary to tie our fate together because we stand a better chance of winning in that manner.

Unification as a forced matter?

Matters of the State are generally beyond the comprehension of the average voter and the average modern politician. State-building is a difficult undertaking.



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