Unit Economics, Population Collapse, Stranded Assets, and Econet’s Run-to-Failure Maintenance System

  1. Changing Unit Economics
  2. Population Collapse
  3. The Issue of Stranded Assets
  4. Run-to-Failure Maintenance System

Changing Unit Economics

  • Declining revenues — service revenue per user.
  • Rise of the OTP (Over-the-Top operators)

Population Collapse

  1. Migration outwards — emigration
  2. Decrease in the birth rate — due to increased urbanization, smaller families, the rising cost of childcare, the collapse of the extended family, et cetera
  3. Increase in the death rate — collapse in healthcare, reducing lifespans

Stranded Assets

  • MNOs are repositioning themselves. They are re-inventing themselves. They have to deliberately leave some revenues behind because they are being generated in dying revenue lines.
  • Service Provision is Dead — unless you are willing to pay an arm and a leg for it. This means customers in remote areas can complain all day long as much as they want but MNOs are not going to pump money into service provision.

Run-to-Failure Maintenance



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Ryan Gosha

Ryan Gosha

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