The ICT Policy you Deserve = Great Grand GDP Growth Hack

The Numbers Don't Lie

First Five Years
Next 5 Years

Exporting ICT and 4IR Services

Nothing New Here. But we can do better

Can the Global Market Absorb Such a Labor Supply Shock?

Solving the Forex Problem Once and For All

Summary of Objectives

  • to solve the problem of unemployment
  • to export services that generate forex
  • to buy some time needed in addressing underlying macro-economic fundamentals
  • to empower Zimbabweans
  • to quickly enter global supply chains for services whilst we re-align the economy for gradually claiming our place in global product supply chains
  • to break-the-internet with an oversupply of labor
  • to be an IT-hub to cater to Africa’s and the world’s IT needs.
  • to build on the legacy for quality education by advancing that penchant into a modern, new age, new economy education
  • To have an over-investment in IT skills, thus guaranteeing our space in the future global economy

Tapering -Off



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Ryan Gosha

Ryan Gosha

Financial Analyst, Cloud Accountant, Citizen Data Scientist, FPL Boss