Re-education of the non-revolutionaries

What shall we do? Clearly, there is only one way to unchain ourselves from oppression, that is the revolution way. The revolution can either be violent or non-violent. The point is, there must be a revolution for the nation to be free. Now, most of our people that have the courage to stand up against the oppressive have not absorbed the necessity of a revolution. What do we do? How do we proceed?

We need to re-educate the non-revolutionaries. This is a necessary step in the revolution. The few that have embraced the necessity of a revolution cannot pull it off alone. They cannot do it alone. The revolution needs a wide support base. All hands on deck. Thus, it is not only essential but critical that the non-revolutionaries should be re-educated. This then becomes an immediate short-term goal of the revolution.

The term non-revolutionary, in this context, refers to those people who have already decided to fight against the oppressive system but are somewhat misguided in terms of what needs to be done. The term does not refer to those that support the oppressive system. It does not refer to Zanu PF supporters and the minions of the junta. The term is being used to refer to those that want to change the system but in a non-revolutionary way.

The typical non-revolutionary has already denounced the bloody Zanu PF regime, supports an opposition party, votes, believes in protests now and then, believes in talks between Zanu PF and MDC, has a fanatical obsession with the word “change” among other characteristics. However, the non-revolutionary does not believe in an all-or-nothing final confrontation with the system. He does not believe in a do-or-die situation where we either do it or we die. He does not believe that things have to be that way.

The non-revolutionary is delusional. He/she thinks that freedom can be obtained without a struggle (violent or non-violent). He/she has misplaced hope in elections. He/she celebrates gaining a few more parliamentary seats but without gaining the majority seats. He or she prefers to be kept inside the system as a cry-baby whose complaints are occasionally heard after crying out loud.

The non-revolutionary does not want to embrace chaos and does not want to be involved with anything radical, even though the pursuit of freedom demands that a radical course of action be taken.

The non-revolutionary parliamentarian enjoys munching those sweets and tennis biscuits that are served during discourses of the various parliamentary portfolio committees that they participate in. The non-revolutionary parliamentarian enjoys the decorum and officiousness of the parliament. He or she accepts being there as a second-class MP whose views and opinions are not taken seriously. He or she is concerned about the benefits awarded to parliamentarians more than freedom, progress, democracy, and development of the country. Issues such as the pertinent strengthening of our institutions are peripheral to the mind of the non-revolutionary parliamentarian when they ought to be at the core.

Such men and women, even though they are committed and dedicated to the struggle, cannot be fully trusted with the responsibility of getting us out of Egypt and taking us to the promised land. Their understanding of what needs to be done is warped. They are lost in the valley of ideological confusion. They have no clarity of thought. Their hopes are misplaced. Their dreams are not big enough. The vision of the future they hold is close to Zanu PF’s vision than it is to the vision of the brothers and sisters that embrace the need for a revolution. In short, they are not serious. They justify the compromises they make on matters of principle as being realistic. That nonsensical type of realism results in cozying up the tomfoolery of the oppressor.

The revolutionary, on the other hand, does not believe in protests here and there, now and time again. The revolutionary person believes in a protest that does not end until we attain victory or until we all die.

The revolutionary has binary outcomes in mind. It's either we do it or we don't. Go big or go home. YOLO. It’s do-or-die. It's now or never. All or nothing.

It’s either we get rid of the system so we put our all in the fight, or we accept the system as it is and don't even put up a fight. There is no need to waste time and lives with half-hearted efforts that are guaranteed to fail because they are faulty by design. That note of wasting time and lives needs to be emphasized.

The MDC outfit, or its several outfits, has been wasting people’s time and lives. People are dying for the cause, one by one. People are abducted and tortured. Some were made to disappear. People have suffered a lot for the MDC political party. The question we ask is, where are the gains? The MDC, due to its lack of vision, in terms of what needs to be done, is wasting people’s time, energy and lives.

People ought to die for something. People ought to suffer for something more meaningful than just parliamentary seats. It has been two decades now, and there is nothing to show for it. The struggle is not easy but we don’t have to be foolish at it. How many more have to die before we realize that a revolution is what's needed? The piecemeal gains do not justify the sacrifices being made.

At the end of the day, the question we ask is; What is the point? People are sacrificing themselves for what? Where are the gains? Where is the change that you promised? “Let's keep on fighting”, that's what you say. The people want to fight, but they don't see any meaningful outcome from your strategy. Is this all a game to you?

A binary outcome type of a revolution will render clarity to the people. There is no politicking. It's either we win or we perish. Everyone is not naturally a coward. There are some brave people who are willing to get up and stand up for their rights. They, however, need to know the outcomes with clarity and that their actions have a reasonable chance of success. Right now, people know that it will be very hard for the MDC to rule without either a revolution or the blessing of the army. Any getting up and standing up, does not have higher chances of success because it's not an all-or-nothing event.

Protesting for specific changes, such as electoral reforms, is great, is needed, and is critical, but it's demanding piecemeal changes nonetheless. Protesting against fuel price hikes is great but it's piecemeal changes. Protesting against abductions and human rights abuses are crucial but they are piecemeal changes. The same goes for any other cause we might rally behind such as corruption, police brutality, and the currency mess.

What is needed is a battle for all that matters. The mother of all confrontations. Armageddon. The final battle between good and evil. We live to see the rebirth of a country or we die. Putting pressure on the system once and for all without going back. The people must be made ready for that, mentally and physically. But before we get to that stage, the non-revolutionaries must be re-educated, so that in turn they educate the masses well.

Why should we place emphasis on re-education?

It is because the country cannot be changed without a revolution and the revolution cannot proceed without the help of those who are currently non-revolutionaries.

The difference is ideological. It’s a difference in approach and the difference must be resolved. The only meaningful way to resolve this is to bring the non-revolutionaries onto the revolution's side, and not the other way round.

The emphasis is on re-education because the non-revolutionaries are already educated. They know that something must happen for the country to change. The type of education they received is incorrect, to an extent. It needs to be modified by incorporating revolutionary ethos. It needs to be updated.

You can view re-education as a form of continuous education where new trends, information, and knowledge is shared, and that set of information was not available when the students' completed their studies some time ago.

The following are areas the re-education should focus on:

  • The necessity of a revolution
  • Embracing chaos
  • The uselessness of political party based politics for now

Re-education is not the communist type forced re-education camps but rather an education through vibrant discourses in both the private and public spaces that change one person after the other into a revolutionary brother or sister. It is the responsibility of those that are awake to awaken those that are still sleeping.

Some non-revolutionaries who are perplexed by the conflicting interests of holding the peace so as to continue enjoy the resemblance of progress and survival they obtain such as parliamentary benefits will continue suppressing any talk of a revolution as impractical and unnecessary. The regime’s hunting dogs will view any mention of a revolution as treasonous acts.

To the defiant non-revolutionaries, sheer denial of the necessity of a revolution, even when presented with compelling facts, should be taken by revolutionaries as a direct opposition to the revolution, which is in effect not any different from the position adopted by the oppressor. The non-revolutionaries who refuse to be re-educated essentially take the same side as the oppressor and the revolutionary brothers and sisters have to acknowledge that.

The regime’s hunting dogs will try to suppress any mention of a revolution. This should not be a deterrent to the revolution. This should motivate the revolutionary brothers and sisters. Such a suppression validates the importance of a revolution and attaches a high chance of success to the revolution, for if the revolution was not a real threat the regime and its hunting dogs would not panic.

The regime’s hunting dogs themselves need to be ideologically targeted for re-education. The best weapon the revolution can ever obtain is the mind of the oppressors hunting dogs. The revolutionary brothers should plant doubt, fear, and anxiety in those hunting dogs. They should doubt that they are playing for the winning team. They should fear a looming revolution (real or perceived). They should doubt that their masters will protect their interests. They should get anxious regarding their compensations. On top of that cognitive dissonance, the revolutionary brothers should then dangle carrots to the hunting dogs for silently supporting the revolution. The mind of the hunting dog should be re-formatted and the physical needs of the hunting dogs should be taken care of. In this way, the hunting dogs become ineffective in dispensing the will of the oppressor. This is a radical form of re-education through mental capture and realignment of interests.

This can only be done through excellent planning and strategizing. This is what needs to be done. It is lofty, but such lofty heights can be reached. It is not going to be easy to win the country from those that have captured it and are raping it day after day.

The work of re-educating the non-revolutionaries needs to be carried out silently, gradually, and then suddenly. When the idea gathers momentum among the previously non-revolutionary persons it becomes easier for the entire nation to be re-educated and mobilized.

The following types of non-revolutionaries must be re-educated as a matter of both urgency and necessity:

  • The MDC
  • Other Opposition parties
  • Activists
  • Complainers

Clearly, the country has gone to the dogs. What shall we do to take it back? We need to do the previously unthinkable. We need to re-educate the non-revolutionaries as a necessary step towards the actual revolution.




Financial Analyst, Cloud Accountant, Citizen Data Scientist, FPL Boss

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Ryan Gosha

Financial Analyst, Cloud Accountant, Citizen Data Scientist, FPL Boss