Public Ledger of the One Percenters

Who are the One Percenters?

  • Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZNA and airforce, no navy). Estimated +/- 30,000.
  • Zimbabwe Police Force (ZRP) Estimated +/- 45,000.
  • Central Intelligence Officers (CIO). Guess +/- 2,000
  • Zanu PF militia (Chipangano etc). Estimated +/- 10,000.
  • Ministry Officials, Embassy Staff et cetera. Estimated +/- 15,000.
  • Others. Balancing figure of +/- 48,000
The Oppressors

The Elites and the Unhappy 148k

  • Police Commissioners
  • Commanders, Brigadiers, and Generals
  • Director-Generals in various government departments and offices
  • CIO directors
  • Permanent Secretaries and Senior Ministry Staff
  • Businesspeople with close Zanu ties
  • Some senior members of the judiciary
  • Heads of parastatals and state-owned enterprises
  • Members of the Politburo and the Central Committee

The Top Fifteen

The Public Ledger

  • The guys at TechZim can assemble smart tech guys to decentralize the storage of the ledger. It should be resistant to DDOS attacks.
  • The guys at Team Pachedu can assemble the full list of the One Percenters and publish it onto the ledger.
  • Dr. Alex Magaisa can focus on explaining the roles played by the Unhappy 148k (enablers), the Elite, the Top 15 so that the people of Zimbabwe can understand. Magaisa's writings need to be further digested for the street person to understand.
  • Hopewell Chin’ono can laser focus on uncovering the corrupt transactions conducted by the Elite and publish each transaction against the respective names on the public ledger.
  • Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) can focus on the human rights violations engineered and perpetuated by the One Percenters and attaching these records against the public records of the individuals concerned.
  • etc



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Ryan Gosha

Ryan Gosha

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