On the Insurrection Question

  1. Police Stations
  2. Ministry Offices — Makombe Building, Employment Creation building, etc
  3. District Offices — for ministries, for Zanu PF, etc
  4. ZIMRA — Kurima House, Beitbridge Border Post, etc
  5. Post Office
  6. CBZ, POSB, Agribank
  7. Harare Hospital, Parirenyatwa, Mlilo
  8. University of Zimbabwe, Midlands State University, etc
  9. ZESA
  10. ZINARA, GMB, Netone, NRZ

Why an Insurrection would not Work in Zimbabwe?

Under What conditions would an Insurrection work?

  • When the country has capable human resources
  • When there is active mass support
  • When the average military personnel views an insurrection as something that is in his best interest
  • When an insurrection can easily morph into a full-blown successful rebellion as opposed to dragging into a civil war.
  • When an insurrection exists within the context of a revolution as opposed to political party in-fighting and mindless power grabs.



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Ryan Gosha

Ryan Gosha

Financial Analyst, Cloud Accountant, Citizen Data Scientist, FPL Boss