NPOs and NGOs are Socialists

The Anti-thesis of Capitalism

Non-Profit Organisations serve a purpose. They are essentially an antithesis of capitalism. By choosing to create and distribute value outside of the confines of the profit motive, they are silently declaring that the profit motive has failed. These entities (NGOs and NPOs) are solving problems that could not be solved by capitalism. They are also solving some problems that are created by capitalism.

Deficient Economic Theory

NPOs and NGOs are non-existent in economic theory, yet there are now dominant features in real life (on the ground). In mainstream economics, you have private companies at the center of capitalism. The shortfalls of capitalism are addressed by the government. It's either private or public. The government steps in to provide public goods, taxes and redistribute wealth, and provides a legal framework for business to take place. The starting point in liberal economics is that of allowing private companies to provide everything they can. Whatever they cannot provide (market failure) can then be provided by the government.

Philanthropy as a Socialist Redistribution Tool

Every billionaire is into philanthropy now. Of course, they harvest tax benefits, but that is not the main reason why they are into this philanthropy business. They are into this philanthropy thing to appease the spirits of the masses who are clearly anti-billionaire. The average person hates billionaires.

Gates Foundation Facts



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Ryan Gosha

Ryan Gosha

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