Lofty Minimums

Have you ever wondered how this guy got up there? And what is he doing there? He is obviously not fixing the light. It’s a lofty height.

The system has no Margin of Safety

Any further collapse in revenue leads to a collapse of the entire system. There is no margin of safety protecting the system from a sudden collapse. Teachers can choose not to turn up for work at any time. The same goes for nurses and doctors. The soldiers can run amok any given day that the system fails to supply food at the barracks.

Who is Responsible for Keeping the system together?

Contrary to popular opinions, it is not the cartel nor the military that is a key ingredient in keeping the system together. The most important element is the masses whose blood, sweat, and tears are milked to support those occupying upper echelons of the system.

  1. The Masses that pay taxes, extortionate fees, bribes, and whose resources are being stolen.
  2. The non-security civil servants — teachers, doctors, nurses,
  3. The Security Complex — The Police and the Army
  4. The politicians and military chiefs

They cannot let revenues decline

There is no prize for guessing the direction of revenues when the economy is dying. In real terms (USD terms) revenue collected by the system has been enduring downward pressure. Keep in mind the costs have been going up.

Walking Away — The Final Collapse

The collapse will be the unwinding from the unsustainable heights. The system wants to retain itself but cannot. The collapse is involuntary on the part of the system but it's voluntary on the part of the participants.



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Ryan Gosha

Ryan Gosha

Financial Analyst, Cloud Accountant, Citizen Data Scientist, FPL Boss