A non-violent cultural revolution that seeks to amend the culture in Zimbabwe is a necessary pre-condition to attaining the ideals of democracy and development.

You can think of culture, in computing parlance, as an operating system, that runs society. It's essentially software. You can’t really touch it, it's invisible. Its lines of code, electrical bits, series of zero’s and ones, that determine how a society functions.

What is culture? It is a way of doing things, a cognitive framework that governs how a group of people view things and operate.

The Cultural Revolution needed in Zimbabwe is not to be…

False Consciousness is a term that refers to a case in which an individual or a group willingly participates in their own oppression.

I stumbled across this term as I was searching for a phenomenon that explained why a close friend of mine holds the belief system that he holds, even though it doesn't make sense for him to hold that belief system.

I have had long debates with a friend on various hot topics such as cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, central banking, insurance, technology, Tesla, Cathie Woods, entrepreneurship, the role of diversification in wealth creation and wealth preservation, liberalism, commercial banking…

The Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) in Zimbabwe has meted terror on the people for more than three decades. The people live in fear of the CIO. The CIO is a central hub in the oppressive machinery.

The CIO in Zimbabwe is not really gathering information that relates to national security. It gathers information that relates to protecting the security of the despotic regime. It collects domestic information regarding its own people, whom it treats as a threat to national security.

What shall we do? Senzeni? Todii?

The People need to create their own CIO.

The people’s very own CIO needs…

  • Lending Legitimacy
  • De-Lending the Legitimacy
  • Handling the Perfidious Foreign Observers

The legitimacy of elections rests on transparency. An election should be free and fair in all of the following aspects.

  1. Candidate Selection
  2. Campaign
  3. Voting Process
  4. Appeal of Results

If an election is substantially wanting in any of the four areas, then it cannot be deemed free and fair. Elections in Zimbabwe usually have it right on the Candidate Selection and substantially fail the bar on the rest of the three items.

The campaign is always marred by state-sponsored violence and threats to the electorate, especially in rural areas. …

  • Organize and Decentralize
  • The struggle is too centered around Chamisa — decentralize it
  • The struggle is too centered around Harvest House — decentralize it
  • The struggle is too centered around the MDC Alliance — decentralize it

Marcus Garvey said that we must organize and centralize. I say, at this point in time, in Zimbabwe, those fighting the political struggle must organize and decentralize.

Nelson Chamisa

“Ane bhora ndiye anomarkwa”, is what they say in the streets of Harare. This is a football chant-line for stressing the point that the one who is holding the ball becomes the target.

It is of no…

  • focus on the system, not individuals
  • the system is only as strong as its weakest critical component
  • target your efforts on the single point of failure

What is a system? A system is a collection of interdependent parts. A systems approach is a way of looking at things as interrelated items combined into one thing.

Which systems do we oppose in Zimbabwe?

  1. The corruptive systems
  2. The autocratic, tyrannical, and repressive systems
  3. The poor economic management systems
  4. The partisan and exclusionary systems
  5. The anti-development systems
  6. Systems that deprive us of basic human rights
  7. etc.

These are the systems we oppose. These…

  • economic struggle vs political struggle in Zimbabwe
  • lending a political character to the economic struggle
  • de-lending the political character from the economic struggle


The real struggle, for the widest number of people, is economic rather than political. The reality, however, is that you cannot separate economics from politics over the long run.

In both the short and long run, economics is dictated by politics. Both politics and economics exist within the domain of limited resources. The problem is allocation. In all instances, politics prevails over economics. Politics shape economics.

In democracies, in the short run, as defined by election cycles…

  • End corruption
  • Learn from China — social banking does not work
  • Fix the underlying issues (bankable assets and projects)
  • Consolidations

Policy Banks are banking financial institutions that are created in order to drive a certain governmental policy. They are usually created by a developmental state in order to drive growth within a specific area. Growth is driven by credit expansion. Some sectors of the economy and sections of the population are left out when banking is solely conducted by private commercial banks. They are starved of credit, thus the need for government intervention. …

  • Debt brakes
  • Growing tax revenue by growing the economy not by raising tax rates
  • Lowering tax rates
  • Lowering the cost of doing business
  • Smaller sustainable government

Much has been said about Zimbabwe's fiscal policy. Our fiscal policies have always been disastrous, year after year. Fiscal indiscipline occasionally leads to budget deficits, which then need to be monetized leading to extreme currency depreciation.

Currency depreciation leads to erosion of incomes. When incomes are eroded, civil servants strike and down their tools demanding better wages. Bowing into pressure, the Ministry of Finance increases the salaries of civil servants. This then strains an…

if  The People are not ready
st = ("We deserve what we have")

if It all does not matter
st = ("We deserve what we have")
print (st)

It’s not meant to be an executable code. It’s just an illustration of the conditional logic behind my posit. The situation is more complex than what can be accommodated by IF statements. The conditional statements simplify things by reducing the complexity.

Many times, people go through horrors in life for no fault of their own. Rape victims come to mind. Regardless of the circumstances, no one deserves to be raped, abused…

Ryan Gosha

Financial Analyst, Cloud Accountant, Citizen Data Scientist, FPL Boss

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