30 Questions around what needs to be done?

The “what” type of Questions

  1. What shall we do?
  2. What should be the form/format/type of the liberation struggle?
  3. What needs to be done to get to the revolution point?
  4. What shall we do with elections?
  5. What about the military?
  6. What should each person do at a personal level?
  7. What should be done to change society?
  8. What will happen if we don’t go the revolutionary way?
  9. What are the goals of the revolution?
  10. What should be done to the oppressor now?

Answers to the above “what” type of Questions

  1. We shall liberate ourselves.
  2. Revolution.
  3. Make the People Ready.
  4. De-Lend the legitimacy that is being loaned to the electoral process.
  5. Revolutionize some of them.
  6. Overcome false consciousness, embrace chaos, reach one, and teach one.
  7. Cultural revolution.
  8. Continued oppression, repression, and economic sufferation forever along with bastardized electoral cycles.
  9. To establish a progressive, democratic, economically developing country anchored on freedom, human rights, justice, and equality (i.e., establishing the kingdom of God here on earth).
  10. Publish a ledger of the one-percenters and isolate the oppressor.
The “What” types of questions

The “How” type of Questions

  1. How do we approach the struggles at hand?
  2. How do we organize the political struggle?
  3. How do we make the people ready?
  4. How do we awaken the masses?
  5. How do we fund the revolution?
  6. How to coordinate revolutionary units, enablers, brothers, and sisters?
  7. How do you create a decentralized intelligence organization?
  8. How do we get to break the disposition of the army?
  9. How to de-propagandize the army?
  10. How to institute a transitional government?

Answers to the above “How” type of Questions

  1. Systems Approach
  2. In a decentralized manner — decentralize the political struggle
  3. Re-education of the Non-revolutionaries is the first priority, planning, cultural revolution, etc, all done gradually, over time.
  4. Vhunze Moto — emancipation, agitation, and incitation.
  5. Tapping into the Diaspora, democracy bond, crowdfunding.
  6. Automated and decentralized coordination.
  7. By copy-pasting DAOs and trends in the crypto-space.
  8. By firstly reaching nationwide consensus on the need for a revolution and secondly by making use of revolution enablers.
  9. By establishing parallel and alternative lines of communication with the members of the defense forces.
  10. By involving all who are concerned.
The “how” types of questions

The “When” type of Questions

  1. When are we going to be free?
  2. When do we start the revolution?
  3. When will the confrontational phase of the revolution commence?
  4. When will the people be ready?
  5. When will the revolution be complete?
  6. When do we engage the international community?
  7. When do we start re-educating the non-revolutionaries?
  8. When do we bring forward the idea of de-lending legitimacy to the electoral process?
  9. When should we decentralize the political struggle?
  10. When do we give up on the idea of a revolution?

Answers to the above “When” type of Questions

  1. When the revolution is successful.
  2. Now. The revolution is not defined by the climatic phase. It is a lengthy process. +10-year-affair. The preparatory work begins now.
  3. When the people are ready.
  4. When there is a broad consensus that revolution is the only way out.
  5. When the nation has been fundamentally transformed, and new systems are in place.
  6. During the confrontational phases of the revolution.
  7. Now.
  8. From the end of the 2023 elections, before that no one will listen, they don’t want to hear it.
  9. It's long overdue.
  10. When an overwhelming majority of Zimbabweans have knowingly decided not to go the revolutionary way, i.e., consciously, passively accepted the shitty system forever.
The “when” types of questions.



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